Paddle Balloons

Tip: If you want the massive 36” latex balloons (a.k.a. paddle balloons) and you have to transfer them to another location, you are going to want to make sure you are using the right kind of vehicle for transport. A paddle balloon at full size will NOT fit in a standard sized car door.

Latex Lifespan

Tip: Latex balloons don’t last very long. For best results don’t have them blown up until the day of the event. If you want to have them ready the day before, make sure a product called “Hi Float” is used which will make the latex balloons last longer.

Balloon Count

Tip: If you are making a table display, 3 balloons are a good number, more than 7 is a bit much and makes things look too crowded

Balloon Count 2

Tip: Odd numbers are usually best.

Outdoor Balloon Launching

Tip: If you are planning on releasing balloons outside, check with city officials to make sure that it is legal. In many places, releasing balloons can be seen as littering and you may be subject to fines.

Indoor Balloon Launching

Tip: If you are planning on releasing helium filled balloons inside a venue, check with the building representative to make sure that it is allowed. Depending on the ceiling structure, balloons could become a hazard.

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