General Tips

Invitations of Today

Tip: Inviting people isn’t as easy as it used to be. With Facebook, e-invites, texts and such, it’s easy to forget about the more traditional form of inviting people to a function. Actual paper invitations. Not everyone uses the computer or has accounts that will enable them to be contacted. Plus, some people like having things to post on the refrigerator door that they can look at without having to log into something. Make a list of people you can invite using electronic methods and a separate lists of people whom you should send a physical invitation to. That way, you can cover your bases and make sure that everyone you wish to invite isn’t left out on accident.

Sending Invitations

Tip: It is common practice to send out “Save the Date” notices about 6 months in advance and the official wedding invitations 2 months in advance. Those who are coming in from out of town will be able to make plans in enough time to attend the event.

Matchy Matchiness

Tip: It’s OK if everything isn’t matchy matchy. Chances are minimal of finding everything you need for an event in the same exact hue or tone that you want to use. Again, it’s OK. If you can’t find that perfect shade of plum in plates and napkins, use a secondary color in your palette. Let’s say you have plum, silver and white, you have white linens for your tables. You can’t find the tableware in the right shade of plum. Use silver instead and use plum as the accent color in the centerpieces or party favors.

Matchy Matchiness Round 2

Tip: If you are throwing a themed party, let’s use Spongebob as the theme. You don’t need to get the entire Spongebob line for your party. This can get expensive if you get the plates, napkins, cups, table cover, hats, party favors, etc. that has Spongebob on it. Most of this gets thrown away and is usually not noticed. You can save some money by getting a solid color table cover and some pieces of the tableware like the cups and/ or the plates. Get the pattern on the napkins, some decorations and the party favors. In most cases, the solid color tableware will cost up to 50% less than the patterned pieces.

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Featured Party Tip

Map out the layout you want for the event room at the beginning. Knowing the number of tables and their locations as soon as possible will help determine where and how many decorations you might need.

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